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The Anomus ‘Initial Dex Offering’ (IDO) is scheduled to be launched on the 26th of November 2021. Anomus plans to launch the IDO via Scaleswap,, and

Details on how to participate in the upcoming IDO is as follows:


Sale start date (UTC) - 26/11/2021, 12:00

Whitelisting will begin on the 16th  and end on the 23rd of November 2021. To get whitelisted, users will have to complete the following:

After completing the whitelisting requirements, users will receive an email confirming their participation in the IDO. At the date of IDO, there will be public and private pools. The public pool will be FCFS. The private pool will be based on Scalescore. 

To get more information on how to participate using Scaleswap, follow this link.

Sale start date (UTC) - 26/11/2021 16:00

To participate in the Anomus IDO using, users will be required to do the following:

  1. Buy START on OR bridge START via AnySwap
  2. Stake START on
  3. Buy ANOM tokens when the IDO starts offers an FCFS round for users staking up to 499 START and a guaranteed allocation round for those staking more than 500 START. You can participate using by following this link.


Sale start date (UTC) - 26/11/2021, 09:00

To participate with Synapse.Network, users must:

  1. Win the Gleam contest and receive a $100 allocation. The gleam contest starts on the 20th of November 2021 at 9:00 AM UTC. The announcement of results will happen on the 24th of November 2021. The winners will be selected with a 100% fair on-chain draw. Users can find a sample of results from the previous project here

  1. Stake at least 1000 SNP or an e-wallet in liquidity tokens (SNP LP tokens). Liquidity must be provided using the SNP-USDC pair on the Ethereum network or SNP-BUSD on the Binance Smart Chain network. Any staker that meets these criteria will have a guaranteed allocation.

24.11.2021 9:00 AM UTC - closure of the registration period and publication of the value of the guaranteed allocation for each participant. 

Find out more about Synapse.Network procedure by clicking here.

Anomus looks forward to its whitelisted supporters’ participation in the upcoming IDO. The project has already gained many private investors and partners, with the private sale lasting only a few hours. The private sale that left out more interested investors due to allocation shortage will be realized in the upcoming public sale. 

This round will have 3% of the total supply allocated to it, which will add more buying pressure on ANOM’s public sale. Anomus calculates that the public sale will get sold out faster than initially expected due to the higher demand than the tokens’ currently available supply limit.

About Anomus

Anomus is a one-of-a-kind and much-needed alternative to the deterioration of mainstream media. It's a community-governed, decentralized news protocol for users from all around the world. Built by a team of crypto professionals and backed by well-known names in the blockchain space.

Anomus is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created to make news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced again. It aims to create a medium where publishers can preserve their work in blockchains where it will become permanently recorded and available worldwide while protecting the publisher’s intellectual property rights and ownership. The system will reward publishers, auditors (Fact-Checkers), and readers for participation in various ways.

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ANOMUS is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created with the aim of making news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced again.
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